Big Bang Theory (The Big Bang Theory Explanation) (Time Machine) Stephen Hawking, Lecture on The Big Bang Theory and Supporting Evidence (Explanation of the entire Theory--note age of Universe is inaccurate)

Supporting Skills for the Big Bang Theory

Hubble's Law, Red Shift (Expansion--Hubble's Constant) (Implications of Hubble's Constant) (Expansion of the Universe in 10 seconds--Animation) (Redshifting Light) (Playing around with Red and Blue Shift) (Red and Blue Shift) (Definition of Hubble's Law) (Moving Red and Blue Shift) (Red Shift and Blue Shift using the Doppler Effect)

Cosmic Radiation (Cosmic Radiation) (Radiation)

Galaxies Telescope Gallery of Galaxy's)
Local Group Galaxies (Large Magellanic Cloud, Small Magellanic Cloud, Andromeda Galaxy, Barnard's Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy, Triangulum Galaxy) (Barnard's Galaxy) (LMC) (SMC) (Andromeda Galaxy) (Milky Way) (Triangulum) (Cosmological Scale) (Distribution of Galaxies) (Alien Galaxies--Video Watched in Class)