Anatomy Students--Sunday Update.
After waiting the majorty of the weekend for the email server to come back, I have decided to give up.
All of your emails were loaded into my outlook account which I cannot access--so the promised grades n feedback will have to wait in limbo
Most of the grades are updated, except for emailed case studies as I saved the scores on an email.
Here is the answer key for the essay question and how it would be graded.
I also feel I have prove the condition of the email server so I am including a picture of the error screen.

Chapter 5: Muscles
(Before Break)
1. Using all of the body movements--explain in the context of a real-life body movement--try to incorporate more than one muscle movment in each action.
2. Identify the following muscle movements in the following actions: (a) complete a full jumping jack (b) getting a can off of a top shelf standing on your tip toes. (c) completing a full squat assuming the bar is already fixed on the shoulders.
(After Break)
3. Complete a drawing of a skeletal muscle--one drawing only, using the following vocab: actin, myosin, sarcomere, myofilament, myofibril, endomysium, perimysium, epimysium, fascicle, aponeurosis, tendon.
4. Medical Terminology--root words
5. Case Study (5 Mini)

6. Muscle Practice

Chapter 10: Blood

Chapter 11: Cardiovascular System

Chapter 14: Digestive System

Heart Animations:

Digestive System Tutorial:
Hormal Regulation of the Digestive System:
Nutrition Video

Website for Text: (Chapter 14, Digestive System)