Newton's Three Laws

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Speed and Velocity

Calculate the speed and velocity he would have to attained if we assume that he ran 40 yards to catch the ball and the camera is our frame of reference (answer should be in m/s and mph)


Using Michael Phelps historic win in the 200m men's Butterfly graph his speed and acceleration on all four legs of his swim. (Note there should be 2 graphs).
Your data table should also include his speed and acceleration for each leg in m/s and m/s2 (respectively).

Complete the tutorial on the provided data sheet and problems (see links on page).


Velocity and Acceleration

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Work and Power

Seismic Waves

Seismic Wave Animation
Longitudinal and Transverse Waves
Waves Tutorial

Sound Waves

Sound Waves and Music Tutorial

Light Waves

Light Tutorial

Fusion, Fission and Radioactivity